Growing in Reverse…

Look at those tiny little feet trying to reach the upper drawer to get that rainbow colored jar of gummy bears hidden by her Mother. How she wishes to grow up quickly to grab it easily!

Look at those lines drawn with black crayon above his lips to look like his father. How he wishes to grow up quickly so those lines will be waterproof by the flow of nature.

We all wanted to grow stronger and more capable, to know more, to have answers, to be responsible and independent. Funny how getting older meant a better everything! Just to grow up and discover the irony. We grow to find out we are not really strong, yet we have to keep strength as our companion to face reality.

The more we know , the more we don’t.

The more questions we answer, the more questions arise.

We take actions upon what we think is right, to find out later we were not even near from the right thing. We are held responsible for matters we had no choice in taking, for this is how adulthood works. It’s nothing similar to what we thought it would be like, nothing is after having a second thought.

In our massive universe, what is growth? What is it that grows within us as we get older? Or are we growing in reverse?


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