The Artistry of Feelings

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen” – Rumi

In one of those deep conversations I once had with a dear friend, the discussion of life’s main pillars and the coexistence of logic and sentiments in our creation has triggered something

within me. I remember the exact picture we were talking about, how you know giving away money for beggars in the street isn’t logically right for numerous reasons, yet watching them leave empty handed aches our hearts. That ache caused by the collision of two contrasting concepts, logic and feelings of sympathy. This sets an example of the power our feelings hold on us, where many ignore all logical reasons and help that poor human being with whatever they want to help with. A complete humane act devoid of logic.

We know emotions serve as your feelings’ fuel, but have you ever wondered how your feelings are shaped? Who is the commander calling for them in various conditions ? Do they arise individually? Or accompanied by other feelings?

Under any emotional state, can we really specify an exact feeling we are having? Aren’t they grouped into one mix of which we are always trying to figure out yet not always reach the exact and true expression.

I find feelings to be as artistic and amusing as splashes of various harmonized colors on a white canvas, each color has the authority to represent more than one emotion. Both Anger and excitement can be red, serenity and trust can be green, and so on those splashes form bouquets of feelings drawn on our soul’s canvas.

With the colorful and beautifully painted canvas, we try to pickup one bouquet to describe what we feel in a specific time. But why narrow our selection to one instead of all? Why exclude the rest of the drawing? Easier you might say, and I won’t agree, for selecting one out of many is the opposite of easy. We feel one thing at a time you might say, and I’ll tell you I don’t buy it. We are not simple creatures. We are humans. We are worlds of magic and mystery. We are created as one of God’s finest creatures.

How come can we feel one thing at a time? Haven’t you felt a little bit of excitement and joy with surprise? Serenity, inspiration and curiousity? Irritation, uselessness and perplexity sometimes? It’s always a blend of everything in different proportions, isn’t it? They can be indecipherable messages of which we think we can comprehend, yet we can’t. We were built out of wonders after all.

Feelings shared between two individuals acquire a different level of uniqueness, for two different worlds with different colors collide and produce this one of a kind form of feelings, one that has no equivalent. Fathoming it becomes a challenge of which no party wants to take. Sensing the beauty in the mystery of our feelings central well wins over any attempt to analyze them.

Those whom are detached from the dazzling experience we are going through excluding all circumstances’ noise might digest our feelings more clearly than ourselves. They might detect colors we’ve overlooked, yet never have the full picture.

We are the only ones who posses the ability to interpret our colored canvas. You are what you feel, embrace it, express it, and be proud of it. Never underestimate others’ feeling towards anything or anyone, for they are part of what defines them and their characters.

Your feelings are your soul’s shelter, and you are your piece of art with all your soul encompasses, with all your feelings and reasonings, so enjoy being yourself.


  1. I said once: “your heart does not cotradict with your brain, it is your brain that contradicts with your brain”
    You are what you feel*, can’t agree more! Feelings have formulated most of humen valus even though they deny it all the time and use readonable vs emotional !
    Very Nice article Gadah 💕💕

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