Spirits Lounge: The Gate


Tonight is the night! I’ve been waiting for another 30 days to change. I hurry for my night shower, deep toothbrushing, and a final shower with my favorite powdery perfume. Now I’m ready. Wait, is this the same pajamas I was wearing last time I tried? I’ll change just in case.

My body is decaffeinated now for almost a week, I didn’t have any sleep distractions for tonight to work out. Pillows pilled and ready. Lights off. Eyes closed. Dreamy thoughts on.


In nowhere, a three meter wide wooden door with a big blue neon sign read “Spirits Lounge”. A ten year old boy guarding the door with a silver pitchfork matching his suit, his hair and irises’ color. As if two holed crystals were placed in his eyes. He spoke with a tone of a grandma who wants you to lie to avoid your parents’ punishment.

  •  The Gate Keeper: Did you brush your teeth, wash your face, wear a stainless pajamas, and bring me three bars of chocolate?
  • Yes for all except the chocolate, no one told me!
  •  The Gate Keeper: Open your mouth.
  • “AAAAH”

He examined my face, my clothes, then turned to open the gate.

  • What about the chocolate?
  •  The Gate Keeper: Don’t forget them next time.

I’ve heard a lot about the first grand gate opening others have witnessed in their first entrance, but reality was nothing close to their exaggerative descriptions. It was the most regular door opening. He opened it and waved his right hand for me to enter.

What a crowd. Everyone in clean PJs it feels I’m in a PJ advertisement. Are they sitting on real clouds or are they sofas in clouds’ shapes? I went to check one of the sofas, then a female voice interrupted me from behind.

  • The Changer: Welcome to Spirits Lounge!”

I turn around to find the prettiest young lady my eyes has witnessed. With her pearly skin, short curly silver hair, silver irises and a silver suit matching the gate keeper, she welcomed me joyfully.

  • The Changer: I bet you waited a lot for tonight, switcher B. I assure you there won’t be any waiting time next visit. Now you are here, are you ready to meet your switcher?
  • Without question!
  • The Changer: Great. I’ll explain everything after I introduce you both, and you’ll have answers to any question you have in mind by then.

People are divided into pairs, each with one changer.

Walking here feels like floating. And despite the big number of people, everyone’s movement somehow is symphonized for those who are capable of seeing and listening. Seems like raised eyebrows and big excitement smiles are part of the theme.

We are heading towards two ladies now. One in her late twenties standing by a long blue hanged in the air curtains, and the other in her early sixties sitting on a white armchair two meters apart. They are both looking at me as we are approaching. They too don’t know. The changer went for the standing lady.

  • The Changer: Switcher A, meet Switcher B. Switcher B, meet Switcher A. Switcher A is the author of the fourth best seller novel in the history of Portugal. She lives by herself in a two floor apartment in Lisbon.

As the changer started short briefing Ana about me, I noticed how we look nothing alike. She has long black mid back straight hair, deep green eyes, rounded face, button nose, wide full lips and wide set eyes. What caught my attention when I first saw her is her super short bangs.

  • The Changer: Ok now you are briefed about each other, don’t worry about what you don’t know yet, you’ll know everything you need to know about each other when you wake up. Now it’s rules time. Signatures, promises, and travels are prohibited. You are allowed to use transportations within the city you live in, and communicate with anyone. During this experience, no one is allowed to share it with any external individual. This will last for 72 hours, and it can be extended with the approval of both parties by coming back here when the time is due. Breaking any of these rules will end the switch instantly and each will be back to her original self. Any questions?

Our eagerness to begin what sounded like a dream years ago left no room for questions now that it’s reality.

  • The Changer: All you have to do now is shake your hands and your experience will begin. Remember one thing, if you want to end it for any reason, break any rule and it will end for both. You may start now.

Mirroring each other’s wide smiles, we shake hands.

Then I woke up with bangs.



  1. Another beautifully written piece ..
    you never seize to amaze me with whichever color you choose to write with .. in this particular one I felt lightness in my heart .. it lifted me .. poured the emotions right in me , which rarely happens.
    well done !! very keen for the next part !! I hope it to be a long one !


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