About G

In the pursuit of life’s greatest meanings, I find myself writing to comprehend myself before anything.

Feeling things deeply is my specialty, I assure you I’m really good at it.

Empathy is my birth gift. It made me a feeling machine. Apparently, my ultimate wish to replace all the sorrow in this world with joy conflicts with the balance of the universe. So, wish denied.

If my personality had a scene, it would be playing violin under light rain with a wide smile.

Contemplating is my number one hobby. This is when questions arise and I keep on bombarding my family and friends with them, causing unnecessary bewilderment sometimes. However, the afterward discussions are as reviving as dawn is.

I keep astonishing myself with my weird sense of humor, which not so many people really get. When I start laughing, dear lord.. I can’t stop.

I have no opinions in things I have no interest in, even if it’s of great importance to the world. Politics, sports, and economics are out of my scope.

With each post I write, I leave behind tiny parts of my soul. If you collect them, you’ll know everything about me.

We are always more than what we think we are.



Gadah Alofisan

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