About G

In the pursuit of life’s greatest meanings, I find myself writing to comprehend myself before anything.

Feeling things deeply is my specialty, I assure you I’m really good at it.

Empathy is my birth gift. It made me a feeling machine. Apparently, my ultimate wish to replace all the sorrow in this world with joy conflicts with the balance of the universe. So, wish denied.

Contemplating is my number one hobby. This is when questions arise and I keep on bombarding my family and friends with them, causing unnecessary bewilderment sometimes. However, the afterward discussions are as reviving as dawn is.

I keep astonishing myself with my weird sense of humor, which not so many people really get. When I start laughing, dear lord.. I can’t stop.

I have no opinions in things I have no interest in, even if it’s of great importance to the world. Politics & sports are out of my scope.

With each post I write, I leave behind tiny parts of my soul. If you collect them, you’ll know everything about me.

We are always more than what we think we are.

Feel free to reach me out on: contact@gadah.me.


Gadah Alofisan

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