Details are the first things my eyes capture, and normally they aren’t noticed by everyone around for different reasons. And one of the most common reasons is lacking the interest of being bothered by unnecessary details where there are much important things to notice.

I believe beauty lays in details, for they create uniqueness, originate quality and add value to be perceived with appreciation and make a difference. Noticing them all the time isn’t really preferable to be honest, but let me start with the pros.

Can you imagine how would it be if we all noticed those pretty details, newborns’ nails, the texture of your favorite fabric -if you have any, kind gestures from strangers, someone noticing your absence, the rich flavor in the first bite of your desired food when you get it, the aroma of your newly bought books, and the list never ends. Even though it’ll open up your eyes to a more pleasant aspect, it might turn you into a critic whom won’t be satisfied easily if you cared excessively about them.

Meticulousness isn’t about noticing and caring about details, it is more of surrendering to them, and unfortunately I have surrendered to them long time ago. To give you a closer view of my hard times with details I’ll tell you about my journey to find the perfect bedroom. I had a list of specifications that had to be met, otherwise I would’ve just settled for the floor. Some of them were regarding the hight of the dresser, the touch of the wood, the smoothness of opening the drawers, the number of drawers in the dresser and many more that I couldn’t ignore and caused me a lot of effort and time to find. This was just a sample of what I go through almost everyday, and one of the cons of being a meticulous person. Therefore, we have to enjoy their presence, care about them in production, but never focus on them and forget the bigger picture .

Finally, the secret of success, beauty and quality lies in details.

Enjoy the charm of details everyone!


  1. This post relates to your previous one titled “Now?” I think it explains the reason behind what’s written there!
    Anyway, people who notice details are smarter than those who don’t. And you are a good example my friend


  2. I would settle for the floor! xD My bedroom had no certain specifications. I googled a lot and imagined the room, but it was nothing like I imagined. It looks very good though 😛
    But I should learn from you! And appreciate the details more 🙂


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