Have you ever wondered why aren’t you as good as you want yourself to be even though you are doing your best? Why aren’t you always a step behind what you see yourself as? I don’t know about your answer, but mine is definitely yes.

The concept of satisfaction is as broad as the horizon, where it relates to every single aspect in our life. This is why I’ll be writing my thoughts about it in regard to work and personal achievements.

There is never “I’m doing great” moment for me, neither “I’m doing good”. No matter how my accomplishments are perceived, I never see them as good enough. There is always something or another that could’ve been done to improve what was already delivered, to take it to another level. And this causes nothing but a complete headache!

The well-known phrases such as “nothing or no one is perfect” and “no one has it all” are too trivial to act upon. Just believing that my work will never be perfect doesn’t put me at ease when I know there is something missing, or something that could be done to enhance it. Even I can’t discard the fact that the knowledge I hold is nothing in this vast world, and each time I learn something the feeling of knowing nothing actually grows.

Human beings are weak, for it is in our creation. And this feeling of being behind might be neutral, yet we aren’t supposed to believe and act accordingly. We have to be aware not to stay passive. Here comes what I call the Healthy Satisfaction, the state that I believe we all must reach by accepting the present’s facts, thanking god for our blessings, and continuously working for a better future.

Satisfaction in my opinion can be the starting point of regression if it exceeded the needed percentage for living at ease, and I call it the state of Unhealthy Satisfaction. In other words, we must never be fully satisfied, otherwise it’ll be always the same, and the mere idea of change won’t be welcomed. After all, everything has to be within the needful boundaries.

Where your head is content, your heart is relieved, and you are standing at the utmost point of balance in life, there lies your spot of healthy satisfaction.

Have a healthily satisfied life everyone!



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