Silent Rage

As the sun comes down it hands the ocean the guardianship of the state.

It is when silence let its guards down and let out massive waves of rage leaving no room for resistance from anything residing within the ocean. Boats are being swallowed immediately, and ships are still hanging to their last threads of hope but with no luck. The merciless waves are turning everything upside down. Tornados implausibly are being shaped in milliseconds, and aggressively dancing all together with the combative waves. A destructive battle intimidating the sky to join in with a powerful thunder and rainstorm knocking heavily on the battle floor.  Baby flames are peeking through sea cracks to enjoy the dance, for even water is crackable at night. They all keep on violently dancing and swirling, dancing and swirling, dancing and swirling till the first ray of sunlight waves Hello.

Struck of silence.

Order is summoned. Each ray is sending an order putting everything into place. Demolishing the chaos, the dance reaches its end. Tornados are dissolving into thin air. Each wave brings back home wreckages into their original forms. Ships are sailing in their usual course now. The breeze kisses the ocean gently as it pats it “This too has passed”.

Stating its authority, morning wins after the rise of the silent rage.


  1. Why do “ships keep hanging to their last threads of hope”? What’s the point?
    سؤال استنكاري فقط

    I enjoyed reading this, awesome as always bestie 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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