It descended from above with a purpose, a colour, and to be worn by one.

Delicately, It slipped over my body hugging my skin warmly. It covered what was meant to be sheltered, and revealed what needed to play with the breeze.

A rich blue dress has just crowned its master, and announced its territory.

Dazzled with the graceful divine guidance, I started swirling enjoying the new big silky dress with the extra fabric dancing with the wind. It was too blue it could’ve been the source of all the blue in this world. My steps went confused, shall they be close to each other like a royal march? Or shall they be as far from each other as a bee flying from one flower to another? But as they gave in to the dress, every decision from now on isn’t theirs. It pushed me to go faster till I started floating. My feet no longer touched the ground, yet the dress did. It kept me grounded. I wished time can freeze forever to stay right there, in the middle of everything, seeing everything from afar, enjoying distance, lightness, and solitude..

Then one scene made the difference. Two colourful fields of flowers shone next to each other on the horizon. Two suns of blue lilies and violet Irises came calling for me. This is when I subsided and came down for a better look.

As I came closer, I noticed a road separating those fields. And as I landed, I saw how all flowers are leaning towards the others on the next field. The lilies were the Irises’ suns, and the Irises were the lilies’ suns. Longing for each other, they did nothing but leaning in towards their other half. The beauty they radiated from afar was hiding a tale told only by the ground to the road walkers. Each time it’s told, it aches the road turning it maroon from the heated rage. A tale no road walker can escape from. A tale too pure it made all my feet burns worth the pain. A tale no one won’t resonate with. A tale full of innocent hope it forced a smile on my face despite the heat. A tale of life.

Not until it reached the ending that I started feeling all the burns on the soles of my feet. The burns were too deep I couldn’t walk anymore. With nothing around me but flowers, I thought they might as well be healed by what caused them. I grabbed a handful of lilies and rubbed the sole of my right foot, and did the same with irises on the other foot. Burns did indeed shape my stamps, yet beauty handled the refinements.

The dress has finally decided to interfere and pulled me up again to heal the newly made genuine marks. Now that I finally got my first stamp, I hereby announce my readiness for new soulfully extravagant journeys with my new beloved companion, blue.


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