Once upon a fall..


One fall, during one fall, under graceful falls..

After the long phases of floating, balloons have decided to lie down in preparation for the upcoming journey. I’ve been walking for too long now after my peaceful land on earth that my skin has built up creating one thick shielding layer. Now it’s time to move forward. But not until I pass this fall.

As nature started wearing her orange trendy coats, and without previous warning, I found myself falling into another land. Nothing is there but falls.

Watching it closely, couple of inches are separating me from touching that one powerful stream of purge. I already feel drizzles of water jumping forcefully against my skin calling for audacity to take over and take one more step forward. My legs aren’t under my control anymore, right foot raced the left into stepping out towards the source of all light and new beginnings. Left foot followed her twin, and now I’m in. I’m under. I’m above. Feeling the essence, I’ve started letting go.

The endless cold stream of purification is running over me, cleansing my soul from every single attachment, unsettlement, denial, shame, self-doubt, unrequited appreciations and trust, all shapes of guilt, unfathomed truth, useless dissatisfaction, and every situation that have forced me to stop and shift my gaze to the floor. I feel them being cleansed from the back of my head, down to the neck peeling off all the dead skin used to carry that weight all the way from the beginning.

As I’m watching the undergoing cleansing, my sight is clearer now. Despite the forever running water from above, I start seeing what’s on the other side. With the new fresh soft skin, my excitement peeks and decides to move on and discover what the after-falls looks like. Stepping out, sunrise playfully blinds me with it’s first rays of life. My eyelids come quickly to save the newly born eyes and gently cover them. Feeling the warmth and cool breeze, my skin releases a shiver declaring its first breathing attempt. Filling up the soul lungs with all the oxygen it needs, I start adapting. Now that my skin feels safe, it calls for the eyelids to relax a bit and open the curtains for my vision to rejuvenate.

Vast emerald green lands are covering the ground. White light rounded clouds are dancing in the air. After couple of steps forward, I notice leaving behind no footprints, no trace of my physical being passing. It is my turn now to mold new ones, to shape the mark that’ll be left behind, the mark of noble existence.

For a new beginning as a newborn human I start running as lightly as the falling of fall leaves…




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