Clicks or Tricks?


A peculiar feeling of connection with a stranger. Curiosity starts kicking. Hesitation comes to the rescue with the fear of awkward situation in one hand, and the fear of unwelcoming reaction in the other. You restrain yourself from asking. The chance is blown successfully. End of story.

Unplanned interactions might turn the dice in your favor and found a matching key for one of your locks. Think of your closest friends and how you started your first chat, was it really planned? Serendipity indeed does magic.

People are interesting creatures. Which is why I always find myself interested in getting to know them on a deeper level, knowing their aspirations, dreams, beliefs, and what brings life to their souls. Not their favorites, but the reasons that made them their favorites. Not their dreams, but why they want to reach them. Not their names, but where they feel they belong. Not their jobs, but what they enjoy doing. Everything beyond those known facts is interesting to me.

This level of connection might be uneasy for some for the borders they unintentionally create, which might lower the possibility of finding genuine connections that clicks with their locks. But it doesn’t change the fact that many keys are silently waiting to be found. This is why my soul’s search is forever ongoing for three things, beauty, meaning, and genuine connections. Proactive search for the first two, and a passive one for the last. For when the time is right, they’ll rise & shine right in front of us without the need to run after them.

Authentic connections are honest human validations in disguise. They have the ability to enrich and contain our souls. They make you feel home regardless where you stand. They know how to reach your hidden interior. They elevate your aspirations. They tickle your heart. They trigger your deepest thoughts. They sail your hopes. They lighten the weight of your pain. They help you build bridges from your land to the land of joy.

They are more of a soul need than a desire. Your whole existence needs to be validated.

And as we grow, they grow differently. Some grow deeper, some grow shallower, and some grow out of the frame. Not all must last, as they might turn into a blast, but they must exist.

Connections are to be sought, but authentic ones are found. And only the lucky reaches them. This is why you must be aware of the deceiving games the mind loves playing to beautify situations. It might change the shape of a connection to match what it desires. It is then your duty to distinguish if the connections you are nourishing are true clicks or tricks.


  1. This post made me think of our first chat. I still remember every detail of it and a wide smile is drawn on my face every time I do

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