Your Speculative Spectator


You know these moments when you forget to breathe? When you keep air your lung’s hostage longer than the usual.. Moments when the subconscious is being pulled away and dysfunctional.. Moments when your eyelids refuse to meet to capture as much as it can from what the eyes are witnessing.. Moments when your lips part away following a heavy jaw drop.. Moments when gravity decides to win over your head balance and delicately tilt it 30 degrees.. Moments when your ear is trying to hear what your heart is whispering as it’s coming closer to your shoulder.. Moments when the sense of time vanishes.. Moments when new baby plants start surfacing on your land of life..

Just for a long deep sigh to arrive after everything with a gentle pat. There there my dear, there there..

How many of these moments have you lived throughout your short life? So many? Not so many? Or are they just never enough? What if our lives are measured by them, how rich are you by now?..

Don’t you think we have to keep looking if we want more of them? Keep searching for the part your soul needs. Keep looking for the side that strengthens your existence. Keep digging for more of what brings you alive. Keep running towards something worth reaching. Keep changing. Keep trying. Keep believing. Keep expressing. Keep looking forward. Keep dreaming. Keep indulging. Keep trusting the flow. Keep it all. Keep being till you have nothing to keep doing.

And as you are speculating life, someone out there is speculating life through you.

A hello wave from your speculative spectator..

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