To be finished…


We keep polishing, tumbling, and crumbling till they exist no more.

Once upon a time, in a usual camping day, a young girl happened to meet one of nature’s most beautiful creations, a galaxy coloured pebble.

It was hers the moment she saw it. And what a lucky thing to own in such a time! Thinking there might be more of the same family around, she started looking. And as expected, those were not meant to be found in groups. One by one they shall be discovered, one by one they shall arise from the ground.

So she decided to look after it.

It had asymmetrical edges calling for some work. An unfinished job had started.

The first thing she could think of after opening her eyes every morning was her pebble & the work needed to be done to reveal the hidden vivid beauty beneath its fine yet indistinct colours.

She kept working on it till nothing remained but sand.

Endless rounds of polishing blinded her, for it was never meant to be finished…

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