One wave back home..

When you spend your whole life looking at the ocean and feel your calling on the other side, you start learning. Swimming becomes your greatest obsession. You must learn it well, in order to reach. And when you are ready, you take your first step in the water, the second, till you are almost in the middle. It’s true you have mastered the only thing you were able to learn. Now comes the real experience, full of surprises. Waves approaching you excitedly! Some are manageable, as you resurface immediately after they pass. But not all of them. But not that one single massive wave , where you will loose your balance and be turned upside down. One wave that brings you back shore. One wave that brings you to the starting point. It feels like a dream. All you have dreamt and prepared for all your life has brought you to your start line. It strikes you. The feelings you have now that you are back on the ground bewilders you. It feels magnificently satisfying to be home. The sand never felt this warm. And clouds were never that welcoming. You feel the air happy tickling on your cheeks. Something is carrying away your weight, as walking never felt that light. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Time interference mandates change. This is when sea levels start rising slowly in a long term marathon that ends by swallowing your beloved land.

After all you have gone through, you decide you will never leave the ground till there is no empty spot for your feet on the ground. When time comes, you won’t have an option but to swim forward searching for another land to call home.



  1. Amazing post as always..
    I just had different point of view reading through it, please allow me to share it 😀

    I wouldn’t want to wait until I’m “forced” to leave home. I’d rather spend my life constantly searching and experiencing different lands in order to be prepared for storms/ waves that might swallow my current land.
    The satisfying feeling of being back home might trick you, if you get used to it, it will make it very hard for you to step into the water thus never getting to know how awesome your swimming abilities are.

    I wish you happy surfing my dearest friend!

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  2. وكل طريق اتاه الفتى
    على قدر الرجل فيه الخطا

    You can live within your comfortable zone all your life or you can try to hit your limit constantly but which one is truly living if i may ask?

    The first one is more peaceful but you’re relaxed and probably happy isn’t that’s what count?

    The second is more tricky and dangerous, sure you’re going to achieve more and will be more recognised but what about you? What’s the point to keep looking if you already found yourself.

    وما الناس الاعاملان فعامل
    يتبر مايبني واخر رافع
    فمنهم سعيد اخذ لنصيبه
    ومنهم شقي بالمعيشة قانع


    1. I don’t believe there is any definition for what living is, let alone a true one. We might have different takes on it, such as making memories or keeping our wonder alive.

      Well, what counts is what each individual looks for in his/her life. Some find living peacefully in a content state of mind is what suits their well being, yet others fall on the other spectrum, where going out and exposing themselves to new pursuits is what keeps them sane.

      I think the concept of finding ourselves is more of a mirage than a real thing. Otherwise the human nature won’t be as magnificently complex as it is. The abstraction here of my attempt to look for new goals to pursue came with no other option, as for me standing still has its natural limits, for everything is constantly changing. So must we.


  3. Sorry but I have a terrible issue where i concentrate to one tiny observation in someone whole speech and ignore the whole thing i can’t help it and for that i apologies however in that case i couldn’t let your last sentence pass

    Life is changing yes, but people never change, its a human basics nature to be driven by ambitions, greed, envy and wanting more in general, that how its been in the past and will continue to be as long as there are humans.

    If you’re talking about improving yourself and adjusting to your surroundings environment and how to survive sure that can be done but i dont consider this to be a “change” its more like tweaking yourself to keep up with what normal at the period of time your living in but that is not new its been happening from the start

    Change is not to wear yellow instead of black because colorful colour is the trend now or to study quantum physics instead of mathematics because it pays better and not to learn new things because you think it will help you in your day to day lifeto change is to think different that why people with different mentality stand the test of time more than people with actions

    Back to what we were saying, i agree with most of what you said we can’t define living by any means as it differ between every person and even for individuals it keeps changing as he grow


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