Ground floor boxes..


One of life’s greatest beauty lies in gemstones. Haven’t you wondered how magical it is to discover them hidden in rocks?

Nature has it’s way of shaping gemstones into different forms, colours, tones, crystal forms and hardness. They can originate from complex compounds or as simple as one element such as Diamonds. Under specific levels of pressure and temperature, carbon can bring us diamonds.  How simple is this? Nevertheless, for this luxurious stone to be made it needs million years to be formed. The upper hand after God in here is Time. It is that one man behind the scene putting everything together.

And as you are part of nature, you have gemstones that are sheltered in matching boxes and managed by time as well.

In your house, there are countless boxes of nondisposable gemstones scattered all around the place. Diamonds, emeralds, turquoises, pebbles, rocks, and even sand remains. Each room has its own rules for the type of gemstones allowed to reside in it. With our tendency to lookup for the boxes with the most precious contents, they are always placed on the ground floor for the ease of access, just alongside the boxes with heavy stones that can’t be lifted. The rest of the boxes are placed in the upper levels’ rooms, available only as long as our legs can carry us to them ..

The usual habit of checking out the nearby boxes in our free time leads us to different states of mind. We might as well step on some of them and cross paths unintentionally. Each box will drift you to a different land once you open it. You’ll be ..

Flying to the magical land of beauty, or

Laughing with tears in the land of laughter, or

Smiling with your heart in the land of Joy, or

Pulled down to the land of doubt with a weary mind, or

Lost blindly in the land of fear, or

Fading in the land of grief..

In order for us not to be lost forever in one of those lands, I believe we were denied from having the authority to misplace the stones. No matter how easy it seems to move a box, time will play its role of conducting and putting every piece in its right place.

Believing in time is the key factor that can orbit our house with the tranquility and peace we seek so we can thrive.

The only object time has no control over is you. The free will ticket to go anywhere in your house is always yours. You can enter any room and open any box. But be careful not to be lost. Boxes can be tricky. A one that was tossed before might come back shining and peaking from that ajar door waving hello. If you sensed something is not right, you know what you have to do, just close that door. This is not a one time act, nor it will ever be. You’ll be weak and be tricked many times, and it’s your choice to make it a short stand or a long one.

Not until recently that I realized the complexity of managing those boxes and decided to reconcile with time, and peacefully entrust him the process of sorting the ground floor boxes.


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