Different type of a lifebuoy ring..

It always starts with a beach walk…

A quick shiver brings life to your soul the moment your feet touches the smooth cold sand. As white as sea salt, as cold as a lonely soul..

You keep walking until you feel the first tickle. You feel it again, but this time it goes higher up to your ankle. You take more steps closer. Tickles are growing up into knees hugs. Climbing up your body, it has you now. It keeps pulling you till you are almost covered.

Now it’s your turn to pull yourself together and step by step abandon the ground. You want to move forward, to feel lighter.

And here comes the step that makes the difference. The one that feels more like a leap than a one feet lifting. It’s just the beginning..

You were never lighter, never free, never peaceful than you are right now. The sea is handling it all. More of a feather, you start heading to the unknown starting your expedition. No strings, no attachments, no gravity.

As you displace water, your body is moving forward occupying the water space you pushed away. It’s getting windy. Waves are starting to challenge your silky movement. Your speed is getting slower and slower until you are no longer able to lead yourself. Something is happening..

The raging waves are starting the crowning ceremony. They hold you lightly as a pearl and toss you. You keep on searching for your vision. Nothing is clear. The noise is reminding you your are still alive. You are able to bring yourself up to the surface. You go through couple of lapses before they are calmer. After catching your breath, you realize what you have put yourself into. This is when you start looking for it.

A different kind of a lifebuoy ring. A guard that insures you are walking down the right path. The right-hand savior throughout your journey. It was on sight from the first step on shore, and all the way till your leap, but not anymore. Waves’ rage drifted it out of the picture. The ring of logic is out of reach. The ring of reason is not part of this voyage anymore..

This is when patience decides to interfere as the last salvage. With the rage of waves as your opponent,  you are left with what consumes all the patience you have got, waiting it is. You wait for the storm to move to another soul, for waves to calm, for you to pull yourself together and keep on swimming forward, for you to grow up, for you to never lose sight of your ring, your different type of a lifebuoy ring.


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