My traffic light neighbor

A story that will remain one sided…

Heavy with thoughts, my head was resting on the left car window. My brain was rented to a pool of current events. Heavy ones that tossed out a pair of tears down the road. By then, my usual habit of
checking out near cars & their passengers decided to interfere.

Immensely absorbed in the music played in the car, a man around his thirties was playing an imaginary guitar along with whomever he was listening to. He played along for three seconds then moved his hands excitedly in all directions taking the role of a conductor. Two rounds of playing & conducting came in the right time, at the right place. As my second tear was halfway through, I couldn’t but smile.

A stranger who didn’t realize I was watching his little charming show did good to another stranger. His beautiful & honest engagement with the music reached out to pat my heart.
We were two strangers in hidden harmony.

That was not the first time & I know it won’t be the last. I’ve always found an amusing connection with people I share nothing with, not a single word or look. I wonder if it’s the silence between us that offers a clear road to my heart for those tinder pats to be placed. As neither has anything to convey to the other, there is nothing to block the road. An empty one ready to be filled with strangers’ pats.

I will not forget that imaginary guitar playing, one of god’s unseen light presents.


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