The city of the untold

Everything is white, the ceiling is endless, and phones are dangling everywhere…

Once a year the door opens for people to enter the place. All in white. Cloaks and dresses. Flood of them wanting to know what could’ve happened if this or that, if peace or combat, if joyous or sad, if wise or mad. Either them or others, enemies or lovers…

All phones reside in one city. Under one sphere. Each has many wires connecting it to many others. You can trace them till time stops, as they are endless, and will never be fully covered. How can they not if we are suppressing many thoughts in one day?  How can they not if we are taking shelters from hurt? How can they not if we are simply practicing our humanity everyday? How can they not if we live knowing that truth isn’t always the right thing to say?…

Vertically aligned, wires hold the phones in clusters with different heights. Some are easily reachable, either within your hand level standing still or on tiptoe.  While others need a special kind of ladder to reach, the ladder of courage. You need to be brave enough to peek through those audio vibrations.

Not so long after entering the place, clothes start changing. Colors start appearing, and whites disappearing.

Each phone plays the summary of the main alterations in different scenarios. The greater the change, the richer in color and the farther it gets from earth. Can you imagine those different tints and shades?   Light colors with light feelings, and dark colors with dark ones..

Excitement will be felt in the tummy, pain as well. You’ll feel a strong grip in your chest as soon as you listen to the gloomiest hidden facts & hurtful scenarios. Butterflies & waves of intense heat will rush through your body listening to the untold compliments & good talks about you all said behind your back. Grins & smiles, frowns & tears, all mixed together, for many events bring many reactions all into one scene, one face, coloring one cloak…

The question is, will you be brave enough to reach the furthest phone? Will you be eager enough to take in whatever might be hidden? Or stay on the safe side, listening to only mild secrets?

Wish you a lovely journey where you love what you listen to, and listen to what you love, in the city of the untold..




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