Guards of Strangers Eyes


Hearing this word brings to me different meanings. Unknown, distrust, distance, anticipation and caution. But one thing that holds the capability of melting these and taking them apart, their eyes. The most interesting part of the human body that never ceases to mesmerize me.

With all the stories they tell…

the magic they possess…

the lies they conceal…

the sorrows they suppress…

the path they enclose…

and the gate they guard, they’ll always be my favorite amongst everything our human exterior hold. It is either you and your eyes, or your eyes and you. No matter what precedes, they always come in pairs.

The way I perceive eyes might be a little different. They always appear to have their own guards. And those indeed vary a lot from one person to another. They can be divided as I can see them into four main categories.

Neutral guards. Doing their job as any ordinary guard. They stand still bare-handed by the gate, sit when they are tired, laugh when they are happy and cry when they ‘re hurt. Opening the gate requires only a wave from my eyes’ guards. They are what they appear to be. Nothing more or less.

Logical guards. Their eyes speak with a very clear, precise and direct language, making honesty their greatest strength. With their made-of-steel shields and gate locks, they open the gate only when there is a fair trade between our eyes. One they insure their profitability from. Otherwise, only a very warm hearted guard can melt the steel and open the gate.

Wild and wary guards with ropes and magnifying glasses. Their curiosity about what resides in the opponent eyes makes them always ready to snap the moment to throw a rope to reach out to the other side, open the gate and discover their truth. This excitement of discovery might appear to other guards as an attempt to penetrate their security and extinguish their privacy, which in return will cause communication conflicts.

Comforting guards holding mirrors and feather cushions with their hands wide open. I like calling them home guards. They always leave their gate open, but this is not what attracts the other side to let their guards down, it is the mirror that does the magic. The reflection of the opponent guards brings to life the feeling of familiarity. After that, they’ll immediately start bridging the gap between their eyes, covering the path with soft cushions for the other guards to feel more comfortable, and this will increase the speed of their connection. This acquiring technique will drag the logical guards to trust them building a mutual connection. This is the most mistreated type, as their open gate causes trust issues on the long run.

These types are constantly shifting, and the change depends on the opponent guards as well. For your guards might be of the second type with co-workers, but the first with everybody else.

After introducing the mini world that resides in strangers eyes and their guards, do you find eyes more amusing now? And imagining you can see me directly through these words, what type you think your eyes guards belong to while reading this post?

Wish you lovely connections with the guards of strangers eyes!

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  1. All 🙈 I loved it and as u said our guards changes depending on the person in front of us so I guess we get different type of guards specially with time .. I hope to have the home guards eyes soon


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