My bond to reality…

*The 5th post in the 5 days writing challenge*


The child in me used to believe she is a real princess. All she had was…

Her golden curls which weren’t actually gold, but just a bit lighter than her relatives black and dark brown hair.

Her big colorful dresses like the ones in fairy tales.

Her uncomfortable plastic heals that completed her princess look.

And her very rich imagination where she acted and lived according to her beliefs as a fairy tale princess.

As I grew up, I couldn’t let go of my enchanting world. How can I just abandon my kingdom? Who will rule it if not the good princess?

It turned out they can be ruled by a grown up lady!

I’ve always found reality less interesting than my magical world. Why would I ever think the opposite if I can do whatever I want in there? However, reality was my imagination gate. Every fact I don’t like will give birth to an idea that will grow over time to be a well raised fact in my world, where my dreams are my reality.

Facing reality needs courage, and courage needs power, but only half the power needed in my head. This is why I save some of it, to do some good deeds up there. The same ones if I try to apply in reality, they might fail. As I’m not the only mayor of my reality.

So now my friend, do you still blame me for wandering a lot in my head? Do you still blame me for my weak bond to reality?

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