My Secret Addiction

*The 4th post in the 5 days writing challenge*


Don’t you enjoy beauty?

Whether it is in nature, in smiles, in eyes, in acts of kindness, in perfect lighting, in magical notes, in warm feelings, in expressive paintings, in spectacular stories and innocent souls. You’ll find it absorbing the unwanted feelings for as long as you are enjoying its beauty.

I first started noticing that I find many things beautiful, even if they didn’t look externally so, I find myself looking into their inner essence and try to imagine what good they are adding to the world. Finding it is in my case a need rather than a desire . The joy that beauty spreads across my heart will immediately be shown on my face. It might be a glow in my eyes, or just a very wide smile drawn on my face unconsciously. Putting them into words, I think I became a beauty detection machine!

After not so long, I found out it’s not only me who finds beauty addictive. The difference lays in the category of beauty they are driven by.

Who doesn’t like happiness? No one. So does apply to beauty.

Our lives are full of challenges and hardships that we need so many breaks, and what break might be more beautiful than watching beauty.  Don’t we always want an escape to that magical beach with crystal clear water and golden sand? Or is it an escape to that sanctuary  where you’ll be surrounded by all your favorites that bring you joy? Isn’t it beauty we are looking for? Isn’t it beauty that feeds our souls with exquisite feelings? Beautiful feelings emerge from beautiful settings. As beauty derives beauty.

That is my dear friend my secret addiction.

Wish your lives be full of beauty..

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