Empty the bottles…

*The 3rd post in the 5 days writing challenge*


Our interactions and communications with the world are always building on each other. They are always filling our bottles of characters, where between each couple of souls there lay two bottles, one for each. Between yourself and your mother, yourself and your father, yourself and your sibling, yourself and a friend, yourself and a colleague, and even between yourself and a stranger you’ll find a bottle.

I like to call it the bottle of attitude, or the bottle of character, as it builds up the image you present to the opposite party. It builds up from past experiences, as each interaction will add its results of lessons and feelings to the bottle. Eventually, your bottle will be filled, and each time you’ll interact with someone your subconscious will have a peek through your bottle to decide upon the action you’ll be taking.

The more you know someone you care about and interact with, the more your bottle will be filled, the more you loose your grab of controlling your actions as the subconscious will be the hidden guide, and vice-versa. Can you imagine what might happen if you lost the grip with someone you care about?

How about emptying the bottle every once in a while? By that, you’ll leave no room for negative past experiences to influence your image and ruin any spark of goodness that might result. I know it’s one of the hardest things to do, as some bottles have glue that sticks whatever is inside and hardens the process of freeing its contents.

I’ve been trying to empty all my bottles since long time ago, and I can say it feels good afterwards! As content will spread its wings widely open across your life.

So give it a thought my friend, as we are all leaving this life empty-handed, so why not empty the bottles as well?

Have an empty-bottled life my dear!

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