Are you waiting?

*The 2nd post in the 5 days writing challenge*

Everyone I’ve encountered in life seems like s/he is always waiting for something. A job, a news they’d die to hear, a food they crave, and the one and only thing we all are waiting for, the right time! The right time to do whatever we’ve been postponing for months or even years. The right time to give birth to whatever task we wish we’ve finished yesterday instead of sending it to tomorrow. The right time to get rid of the burden of waiting, if any existed.

What we are waiting for might be a vivid idea, an unsettled feeling, or anything that needs an honest confrontation with ourselves to set it clear. While reading those words if there is anything that popped into your mind then give it another thought. Is it clear what you want? Do you really have to wait to get it? Or are you afraid deep down from confronting yourself that doubt has creeped into your soul?

I agree waiting can be the easiest option sometimes. For it requires no action, no commitment, and most importantly no self confrontation. Patience is what you have to acquire in order to win waiting’s trophies deservedly.

My question is why are we always waiting for something? Is it to experience what patience means? Or is it the joy of desire? Can the joy of wanting something so badly bring us hidden glee that won’t be fully unleashed before getting what we want? Or is it just to appreciate and value the result?

I’ve put a lot of thought in it that I started believing I must be waiting for something as means of ensuring I’m doing something in this world. Nature’s wheel it might be. Where after reaching or getting what we’ve been waiting for, we will unconsciously start waiting for something else.

Now coming to you my friend, amongst everything you are doing in your life, are you waiting?

May patience be one of your dear companions!

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