My 30 days challenge!

*The 1st post in the 5 days writing challenge*


After watching Matt Cutts‘s TED talk “Try something new for 30 days” couple of weeks ago I got excited to start my own challenge!  I thought the time to break my shyness and fear of trying new stuff has arrived. Change is mandatory as we all know, and one of the changes I wanted to go through is trying out new things arms wide open without the hesitation that always accompany them. And this is exactly why I started this challenge, to break the ice!

Unlike Matt’s suggestion, I thought I’d start easy by trying something new everyday for 30 days. Beginning them with easy challenges that’ll grow to include other people. I already made a list with the challenges, and I’ll be deciding everyday which one shall I try depending on the moment’s mood, letting know I must take one no matter what.

Now coming to my 10th challenge which will be writing 5 posts in 5 consecutive days, where this post is the kickoff for the rest. I’ll write about other various topics, but thought I should start with a proper introduction to this challenge.

As you might’ve seen, my challenges up till now are considered light, but hopefully they’ll grow harder!

I’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestion for anything to try out! Because why not?

Wish you a very exciting life my friend!


  1. I told you earlier and I will tell you now, I am in love with the challenge. Change is needed and opening your arms to new stuff is exactly what makes it interesting and fun! I look forward with excitement to hearing and sharing your 30 day challenge and probably replicating it ! :$

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