An unstoppable swing

Do you know those moments when you are so absorbed in work that time leaves the equation? As tiring as they might be, don’t you find them sometimes relieving? Your brain handles one task, focusing on solving one issue, for one goal. I call this the utmost point of the swing.

Each push is a life event creating one to many strikes. The number of strikes depends on various factors. The strength of the push is proportional to the weight of the event. A major one will push you up high! A mediocre one will push you half the way, and a minor one will barely move the swing an inch.

Sitting idle on the swing opens my eyes to many things.


Facts we are facing everyday with no control over them.

Illogical rules we must obey.

Mentalities we cannot runaway from.

All details we must grasp to put together in the picture.

People that have no interest but other people deeds and hidden intentions.

All the noise that disturbs our thinking and focus.

I find this state to be the unhealthiest. It consumes your brain, your energy and goodness for matters that must not waste your time. What holds you back from setting off might be bad habits, laziness or other things that empty your bowl of enthusiasm.

One energetic push will clear your mind, hush the noise and set you free. A degree you pursue, a project you must meet its deadline, an essay you have to write, or any task that needs time to finish.

One swing will create a quiet motion. An indescribable constant move of stillness. It leaves no room for contemplating details of which will consume lots of your brain. It releases you from all strings chaining you to the ground. Building a sanctuary. As hectic as you might be, you’ll loose yourself in the vortex of busyness.

We are always going back and forth between those levels. Different events with different push strengths. Different people with different volition levels. An event might leave you swinging for days, weeks or even months. Whilst another won’t exceed couple of hours. Pushes might occur consecutively creating your style of living. They create patterns that can get you lost in them. Lost in their fuzz.

Subconsciously, we might alternate between those levels without the realization of passing through different zones. This might be for how natural it is for us to have those rides, or for the weakness of the events we live creating a slow pace we can’t feel.

The swing should never stop. Breaks are allowed, yet stops aren’t, for the stop is the announcement of the beginning of your dissolution.

As exhaustive as strong pushes are, I find my comfort in them. A serenity that injects my inner self with dozes of worthiness. They assure me that I’m doing good to the world by doing good to myself. The amount of respect I have for them made my breaks unfathomable. Staying almost idle brings me the feeling of missing something important. As much as those breaks are needed, I find myself lost in them. And I’m still learning how to adapt to them.

My question is should we be content with natural pace and mediocre pushes? Do they resemble the healthy life? Or shall we look for stronger pushes and raise the bar for ourselves to grow with richer experiences and probably more achievements?

I’m currently trying to grasp a break after a very challenging push I had recently, and seems I need time to learn how to live with an idle swing for a while.

With all various events we have in our lives, I believe powerful pushes are indeed blessings added to our unstoppable swings.

Enjoy your swings my friend!

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  1. I really needed to read this post at this time of my life. As I believe currently I’m having many ongoing pushes in my swing If I might say. What frightens me is that I’m not fully enjoying those pushes, or maybe I don’t appreciate them yet! And this is of course is turning me to someone I hate. A state of myself that maybe drives people away from me.
    Although setting steady on a swing will kill me. I gotta learn to enjoy each push.
    Thx Gada, love!


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