Soul Patting

Getting deeply involved in our daily activities and stressing ourselves with school, work, house chores and relationships might reach us to an overwhelming emotional state. We might act as if we are not who we are, say what we don’t mean and feel what we can’t describe. As if our life is an open box we are packed in, and it’s getting tighter and about to be closed and sealed! We forget to breathe until we reach an emotional blackout.

I won’t say avoid what causes this state, you can’t avoid normal life, for I know this is normal. This is life. It shifts between our Ups and Downs, straights and turns, joys and sorrows.  The thing is we need to find an open slot, to breathe. Sometimes all we need is a pat, “It’s Ok” and “So What?!”, how simple is that?

We need to feel that everything is Ok, no matter how our mind is seeing it, we must take it easy. It’s Ok not to be Ok, we are human, we get weak one day and  up on our feet aiming for the stars the next! Something would definitely be wrong if you are always Ok. It’s normal to reach moments when you doubt your ability to move on, and feel stuck, but then again it’s Ok. It is the fine line separating us from moving on to the next level, a completely healthy stage. Life will go on, nothing will stop, and so shall we.

I’m writing for myself as a reader, I need to truly understand those words and act upon them. So what if I’m not having my dream job? I still have the choice to stop and start my own. What if I’m not studying where I want to be studying? I can still apply later on. What if and What If and What If!! So What?! We still can do something about anything. But we must do it ourselves.

The existence of people whom you love and feel comfortable with indeed is of great importance. They might be, say and make you feel exactly what you want and need in your case. Yet they aren’t always here for you. No matter how close they are, they’ll never be there 24/7, they’ll never know those tiny details you can’t share for whatever reason, and most importantly they don’t have the power over yourself as much as you do. A mother, a father, a sister, a brother, a cousin and a friend will know a lot about you, but never as much as you know. The only thing your parents might overpass you with is the possibility of loving you more than you do yourself. This might be wrong for you, but it isn’t in my case. I know I don’t love myself enough to reach the level where I can say I surpassed my parents’ love for me. I doubt I’ll ever will, but at least I have to try. The voice must come from within! For I am the one who needs to feel better, and I am the one who knows everything about myself.

The effectiveness of being your own soul patterer wins over every external attempt to cheer you up. You are the one who has the elixir you need.

So what are your ways of soul patting if you have any? For me, writing this post is a soul patting.

Have a blissful life filled with love my dear..


  1. Reading your article once is not enough. One should read a paragraph and never move to the other until he/she practice the first. Your article hurts because it showed me how difficult time i am giving myself and pushing for the break point to happen. I love u … Those simple words if applied can change someone life for the better!! And whats more generous than that…. Keep writing, keep healing us

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