My First Violin Lesson..(II: Aloha)

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And she started playing..

As soon as the bow had touched those Quadruple strings something within me got electrified and immediately blended with the surroundings. Musical notes were flooding all around me! They were moving every single piece in the room, every atom started to tell me something. When they all got freed, at once I started listening to it!

Out of nowhere, I started hearing a tale that was never told. I could feel the emotions of all the characters and events of it. It was infinitely soothing, so aesthetic, and too surreal to be heard with the normal ear! The notes have reached out for my hand and held me up as a feather, and had the complete authority to blend with everything I’m made of, to create a beautiful scene. And I started dancing from within with each strike!

The story had a breathtaking scenario that can never be put into words, and cannot be described by any other instrument but this beautiful cello..

Who would have ever thought I could dance as good as I did! I couldn’t help but be moved by those heavenly notes the way they made me feel, and followed their silent instructions as the bow went smoothly left and right, slightly up and softly down, as if she is explaining life throughout those movements.

Whilst everything was soothingly in harmony, I could feel it heeling something within, yet couldn’t decide what was it exactly. It spoke my mind, my heart and soul. It brought everything utterly together. Then one by one, each note started taking its own route back to their cottage, the cello.  And there we were sitting once again alone in the room, just the instructor and I, in silence after living through her magical piece.

– What a delicate performance, what is it called?

– You name it.

– How can I if I don’t have the right to?

– Actually it is me who doesn’t have the right to name it for you, as it is to be named after whatever you experienced throughout listening to it.

– You just got an admirer and a believer of your teaching school! I like that,  it helps shaping my feelings towards it. Then I shall call it “Aloha”, for it is my first encounter with you and those enchanting notes.

– Aloha it is, my dear..

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  1. I know how you feel ❤️ I just started to take violin lessons too, and every time i play, I dance like a happy little girl 😂 may I ask who’s you instructor?


      1. looool you have no idea that the violin room you’ve described is very similar to my instructors room!!!! That why I asked for the name 😂😂😂


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