The Human wonder

Analyzing my head would be an interesting adventure that I’ll do anything to try. How mesmerizing it is to have unique thoughts, opinions, emotions, reactions and everything born in that small part of your head! Knowing that almost everything in life has its own identity is itself fascinating! Which brings us to my all-time wonder:

you and me, the human being full identity.

This is why I find Anthropology one of the most mysterious fields, as it tries to understand everything about you my friend, about the most marvelous yet so puzzling creature. Thinking about it, how come such studies are evolving every day and it is revolving around only one living being? This is extremely fascinating!

Aren’t you stopped sometimes by how weird we are? Starting with our physical appearances, just think about how no one has an exact identical look-alike, even identical twins aren’t completely identical. Even your own face if you doubled one half, it will never be the same as the other one doubled -as you can see here.

No matter how our looks might look weird, nothing wins over our diverse personalities, and internal world of emotions! How peculiar it is to have such great types of feelings that differ from one person to another. Different ways of expressing joy and anger, different ways of thinking and viewing various matters, different backgrounds and hence lifestyles, different tastes, different jury within each and every one of us. Just stand back and contemplate the beauty of our differences..

Aren’t you intrigued by our reactions to different events and find it musing sometimes? Like how greedy we might look in a situation where we prioritize our interests over others, even without realizing it. And how defensive we might be for those whom we care about, such as how over-protective mothers can be.

Interesting how we believe in things yet we don’t necessary act upon them. Life lessons for instance, we know we must learn from our mistakes, but we don’t always learn from them -at least I don’t. We know for sure people aren’t angels, yet we judge them like if they are. We are certain that perfection doesn’t exist, yet we keep seeking it.

This is why I believe we’ll never get ourselves completely. We are mass of riddles.

And no matter what, no wonder will ever surpass the human wonder.

Have a blissful life my human friend..


  1. I always had those wonders in my mind and just end up saying “sub7an Allah!” every tiny detail in someones life somehow changed something in the way he/she is..
    Let me tell you something, between all the unique looks and personalities in the world, you have amazing lovely sweet and nice ones my friend ❤


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