Injured Humanity

The current events in Gaza have shaken the entire globe, leaving out the devils themselves, the zionists. It grew out of the muslims world to be the case of humanity, neglecting all races and religions. Feelings of anger and frustration are not considered if not expressed; hence, I’m writing these words, with a tearful heart and  flaming shame.

The moment when you feel helplessly cuffed in front of those in need,

When you hate yourself for doing nothing major that counts,

When you are forced to choose blindness and oblivion over continuous sensibility in order to live normally,

When you realize your weakness and stand still in front of it,

When you are ashamed of your nationality, your union, your race, of the whole humanity,

When you witness the massacre of innocent children, women, elders and the world is watching silently,

When you are part of a civilization convinced it is of great help by providing bandages for one hand while looking at the enemy cutting the other one,

When you are confronted with the incompetency of those who are willing to help,

When you are used to heartaches that your heart quit aching saving some for other pains,

When you believe deep down that nothing can be easily done,

When you know all you’ve got are your words to express the bitterness of your resentment,

When you find out that peace on earth is nothing but a myth,

Then congratulations, you have passed through denial and you are fully aware of our injured humanity.


Sleep well my dear..


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