My First Violin Lesson..(Part I)

Walking down a corridor with a crimson floral wallpaper and dimmed lights, I was heading to the room where the only yellow lights where coming from. A hesitation moment left me bewildered. Shall I open the door to face what I’ve always wanted to experience, and live one of the hundred scenarios I’ve written about? Or shall I wait a little while longer to make sure I’m ready and have all what it takes to do it?

Waiting was never the answer, so I reached for the door knob when I realized I forgot to ask for permission! After the the third knock, a calm female voice answered “Come in”, then I opened the door gradually to observe what was waiting for me in that room.

What a striking view! Various shapes and shades of violins, violas and cellos were all around the place! Walls were covered with them, with each piece hanged by a different angle so it highlights a specific beauty spot. They all made a spectacular three dimensional violin family wallpaper. Bewitching strong vibes were radiating from all around the place, from each piece that you are forced to feel as artistic as the place is.

A middle aged lady was sitting in the middle stringing a cello. Strands of her long curly caramel brown hair were  covering her face, and glowing under those beams of sunlight radiating from the window next to her. As her thin pointed fingers were starting to wind the pegs she left her head  up and looked directly at me with those piercing eyes, that had a marvelous yet quite unclear color from distance, and had the power of pulling you over to discover their mystery, there was something different about them. She looked too familiar I was certain she was at least in one of my dreams!

“There,” she pointed to the threadbare old brown leather sofa that matched the room’s theme pretty well. As I sat there, she adjusted the cello in a way that felt more of an embrace than an instrument adjustment. The moment those fine strings were touched by her elegant bow, a bow stroke was formed and created the first note in my first lesson, then I belonged. I sat there and knew deep down that it was the starting point of my journey …

Next post: My First Violin Lesson..(II: Aloha)


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