The Art of Change

Can you imagine a world where everything is in constant state of stillness? Where everything is simply the same all the time! All actions are precisely repeatable, all reactions and moves are quite anticipated. Life would be filled with a killing routine! To live is to go through different stages, and grow throughout them as well.  Just like how naturally climate changes, we human beings go through changes all the time.  And so is everything in life.

Change has various types, and comes with different shapes and levels of depth. It might be Psychological and Spiritual; where it lays within ourselves, in our inner essence, or Physiological and Geographical; that occurs in our outer shell, and both types affect our inner selves.It is one of the major signs of our healthy being and living. Otherwise, we’ll be in a degrading situation that needs to be fixed immediately!  Some of us might actually be suffering of  “Metathesiophobia”, which is the fear of change. And that can seriously hinder us from growing and prospering.

If we had the choice to go through any change, we might be reluctant and lack the courage to take it. This is why we are cornered and compelled sometimes to undergo changes without having any chance to get away from them. And the most challenging part here is accepting it at its first stages.I’m one of those who aren’t really comfortable with change, not that I don’t want to improve whatever status I’m in, but the fear of the unknown that’ll face me and questioning my capability of facing it  are the main barriers. I agree it isn’t always easy to welcome and accept it, yet we have to to proceed in life. It isn’t about seeking change all the time, but welcoming it with wide hands whenever it arrives. Moreover, we have to make sure that our situations are up to date and never forget to refresh them every once in a while.

The pace of change is a primary factor in our sense of change, where we might be going through a lot but have no grasp of it at all. And the only realization of any change might only be comprehended after a while when its effects are clearly starting to surface. However, a drastic one is an exception in this case, where you’ll feel the major changes immediately (e.g. Starting your first job).

To feel the difference between change’s various stages is an experience that can be as artistic as you want it to be, as high and aesthetic as possible. And in order to enjoy our living we must enjoy all experiences with all what they hold for us, for what are we gaining from life but those unique rides?
I’ve always wanted to let go of all my worries about new experiences, and just enjoy the moment, enjoy the change, enjoy the difference, enjoy the contrast between the previous and the upcoming events.

Absorbing any change healthily starts by realizing its beginning, understanding it and its outcomes, accepting it and enjoying the ride with a cup of popcorn! We all know there is no running out of change, so why not enjoy it?

Now comes my favorite part, where I’ll tell you about my biggest role model in this subject. It is a teeny-weeny creature that comes out as an egg in its first stage, then moves on to the second one to be called The Larva (i.e. Caterpillar), where it starts preparing for the greatest change it’ll face in the next steps. Then comes the hardest part, the pupa (i.e. Chrysalis), the stage where it actually starts the real transition! The marvelous thing here that it actually starts the change from within rapidly, whereas from the outside you won’t see the difference before some time. After the transition is all done inside the pupa, the greatest beauty will start emerging as a butterfly! Finally after adjusting its wings for a while it will start flying and involving in new experiences. What mesmerize me is that it has one whole stage only to prepare for the upcoming change, and another one to undergo it peacefully. What a delicate technique!

From now on lets try to learn from the butterfly cycle of change and readjust it to suit our lives.

Have a smoothly adaptable life my friends!


  1. Gadah, this is my favorite post!
    I am a person who accepts changes and enjoys trying different things. Although it is difficult sometimes, I always try to see the bright side of every change.
    “اللهم لا تغير علينا الحال إلا لأحسنه”


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