My Friend’s Window View..

Whenever I pass by my friend’s office at work I can’t stop contemplating and linking things out. There is this glass wall that overlooks the intersection of two main roads. Despite that most of the wall is covered with horizontal blinds, peeking through them gets more seductive when I glance the colors from behind those blinds. And I can’t stop myself from wanting to play with the cars and move them around like toy cars!

Cars that are driving fast, and others with half their speed have started to slow down till they stopped where the traffic light had turned from green to yellow, and finally to red. Then those who were waiting started to move on, some have took u-turns, others have turned left and right, and the rest just went straight forward. And so on, cars move on and queues keep on releasing almost quarter as much as they can hold. We hear crashes every once in a while, but nothing has ever stopped, everything has to keep on going.

Each car has a destination that the driver has to reach through a route that s/he has chosen among other routes. Each destination has a purpose that it can either be altered easily without any further consequences, like changing the restaurant, where you can still eat in many other restaurants other than the one you chose  first, or another that cannot be replaced such as your home, for you’ll have only one place in mind whenever you think of home.

Routes to each destination are diverse, and we have our own preferences regarding our choice of routes, and they differ from  situation to another. There might be shortcuts to some places, only for those who are witty enough to find out about them, and others might be as well lucky enough to know about them.

Anyhow, I know why those cars are here, why their engines were started at first, but the question that keeps on popping into my head is: Is it the same reason that makes them go on? Is it only their desire to reach the destination? Or have they forgot about it and let the wheel control the drive? Are they affected by the cars behind where they drive them to go on so they won’t hinder the traffic?  Don’t they sometimes just get bored and want to stop for a while?

This image applies exactly on our lives, and I’ll leave it to you my friend to link things out. So shall we keep finding the answers that were triggered by my friend’s window view?

Enjoy your life view my dear!

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