Beyond posts’ drafting

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of drafting that I almost forgot the purpose of this blog! I was busy where I had no time to write down my thoughts in a well structured sentences and paragraphs, and express my feelings and worries in the right way. This might be due to my personal preference where I usually prefer to keep things to myself, or losing the desire to share when I can’t find a convincing reason to do so.

I’m all surrounded by drafts, they have sprawled and reached out into my head. Now I’m drafting my feelings with my reactions enclosed along with them. Embracing myself with all what it holds is now my new hobby, my new skill and my new addiction. I need to belong to me, and no one but me at first, so I can belong to the next outer shell.

I’ve been…

Drafting feelings and emotions, out of sheer fear of revealing my weakness and vulnerability.
Drafting words struggling to be released, out of respect for those whom I care about and don’t want to hurt .
Drafting replies that might’ve made a difference, out of mere reluctance.

All the above are somehow related, and this is why I need to open up more and welcome the unexpected outcomes. And as Joseph Campbell once said: “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us”,  I’ll try to let go of many things and allow the ship to be guided by the waves for a while.

And that was what’s beyond my posts’ drafting.

Have an openly amazing life my friends!



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