Unshareable pain

Your age, gender, ethnicity, background, and social class will never change the fact that we are alike, we are human, with all what humanity holds.

We talk, laugh, listen excitedly, and pretend unintentionally to be enjoying our time when we are burning out of inner pain. And I’m not implying anything pessimistic here, on the contrary, what I meant is  that you have a feature -as one of the human race blessings-  of forgetting whatever might be of significance and causes you great pain or joy for minutes, or maybe more.

Each and every one of us has his/her own share of misery in life, in different forms. It might be in the form of poverty, loss of those whom are special, psychological issues, permanent physical illness, and the list is still growing that it even hurt to write more about. It isn’t healthy to bother ourselves with others’ pain if we don’t have the power nor the ability to help.

Poverty for instance used to worry me and cause me real pain. Why is someone out there who cannot find water to drink, shelter from the burning sun or freezing weather do still exist? Is this how life works? I’ve got zillion answers to this question, but none that makes sense! But I have learned to do what I can for those in need, no matter how tiny my role is I have to go on and do it, at least to ease up my self a little bit.

I believe that our lives share of pain is somehow divided equally, yet with different forms. You might not agree to that, but let me explain more. God might have blessed you with something that others might see it as a true treasure. However, something will be taken from you for sure on the other hand. This is how it works. This is how God the mighty is just and fair. And if you look at it more deeply you’ll sense the balance this world is living. Moreover, I agree that there are couple of situations that we’ll never figure out how they are considered as part of this fair and balanced world, for we are still human and our knowledge is nothing but a drop in the ocean.

Therefore, never envy anyone for anything s/he has, for they have their own share of misery that you  don’t want to know. We are even not supposed to know about them, as it is for everyone’s sake.

I wish nothing but the best for you my friends.



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