Our low Tolerance

Don’t you feel that our ability to stay still and put up with life’s matters are somehow weakening? Or is it just my pessimism winning over?

I used to believe that God plants the needed strength and will in us to overcome any trouble we face, and that we shall not pity anyone who’s under a great loss for they have within whatever they need, but later on it changed. It’s not about if we can tolerate something or if we have it down there within ourselves, but if we are already in the process of tolerating and using whatever we have to overcome our issues , for this is what we will be asked about. This is why we should pity those whom are disadvantaged by lacking the mere faith in using what they are capable of.

Matters that used to stress our ancestors have been reshaped to ones that suit our present. Therefore, we can’t say that our issues nowadays are more stressful, for each generation have their own complications and obstacles that should not be compared to other generations. My case for instance would be a joke if I told it to someone in his eighth decade.

People are meant to improve and evolve through the years, and provide a better life for their families and thereafter their descendants. And since it is the course of life, then we are destined to grow our sense of sensibility, weaken our emotional thresholds from the prosperity we are living in. And I think this factor is the main player that has the greatest role in diminishing our tolerance nowadays.

The pace of life as well has an influence in our behaviors, where everything is moving too fast that you might not realize how absorbed you are in life to a point where you forgot to live and enjoy the moment, and comprehend the change you are going through.

When you are too involved that you forget yourself and feel like loosing it all, then it is the time to have a real break. This is what I see as the healthiest solution I could come up with. A serious pause as pre step to clear things out.  Clear your head from thoughts, worries, projects, work, endless planning and everything that consumes anything from yourself has to pause. The next step is to breathe in and out, and have a break. One with zero social commitments, zero human interactions, zero obligations, and above all zero unnecessary technology. Not a long one for sure, for boredom will start to creep into it.

This break will hopefully clear your mind, and support you with the needful clarity you need to think things through.

I’ve written what I think might be the cause of our low tolerance, but the question is: Do we truly have a solid plea for it? Or are we just making excuses?

I would like to ask you to excuse my words if they didn’t make any sense. I’m solely trying to straighten up my head.

Wish you a brighter tomorrow my friends!


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