Oh dear, where shall I start from?..

Let me just say I’m not the best person you’ll ever meet who’s good at taking decisions, let alone major ones!

Decisions of low importance to anyone can be as hectic as deciding my wallpaper’s pattern design -which is to me an extremely tiresome task.

Over-thinking -which I’m trying to recover from as I’ve mentioned before- is the main reason I’m troubled with this. What usually happens is that I keep going through all options I have no matter of their availability, the pros and cons of each, why the unavailable ones aren’t obtainable? how can I make them obtainable? then accept the inevitable and remove the unavailable ones from the list, after that I go through the previous process again and again till I realize that it’ll be of great help to ask for others’ opinions in case of important to mediocre -or maybe silly- decisions.

Consulting those whom you trust to give the kind of advice you need, or those whom they know you the most and have greater life-experience that you respect is the wisest step to take right before you come up with your final decision. And this timing is to give yourself the chance to think things through alone first, then ponder others consultations to see if they are of help, for sometimes you need various perspectives to have a real understanding of something, and you’ll be amazed of how this will open up your eyes to a lot of diverse windows with options you never knew they existed.  Moreover, the final decision you reach must be weighted by no one but yourself. 

The most tedious decisions for me are the simple daily ones, such as: What shall I wear to work? What shall I eat for lunch? what shall I write in my reply to this e-mail? Where shall I travel to next week with my new private jet?…

I decided to try my best and put myself at ease whenever there is a decision that needs to be taken, and this is why I’ve added it to my personal-goals list.

Finally, I highly believe that your life-experience enriches your ability to make smart and quick decisions if you already aren’t that great in it, just like myself.

Whatever decision we take, we have to be responsible for its outcomes, for we’ll never learn to rely on ourselves if not.

Live vigorously everyone!


  1. I have more problems making simple decisions than making major ones =P I don’t really know why! but maybe because after spending a lot of time on simple decisions you tell yourself “IT ISN’T WORTH ALL OF THIS”
    Anyway, I tend to be a risk taker .. life is short ya5e!


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