The right thing

“Am I doing the right thing?” is a question that has its own room in my head and won’t leave it.

I believe that no one in the entire globe can know for sure if s/he is doing the right thing, yet it is still on my worry-about list.

All my next steps were clear and precise when I was at school, and somehow it kept on being clear at university, but not anymore. It all started after my graduation, where all those What’s, Why’s and How’s started to bombard my head. At first I thought it might be out of this gigantic change, where for the first time in my whole life I’m not certain of anything at all. I didn’t know what to do, what to pursue, which dream to hold onto, and the biggest one was my doubt of my real capabilities in this real world. I decided to do everything on my waiting list as a way of getting my mind free for a while, so I read, and read, and read, and read once again, and worked on a couple of postponed projects for a while, then reached my limits. There was that point where I couldn’t stand watching everyone at home head to work, or school in case of my sister, and I was there sitting with a book in one hand, and something to eat in the other. That was the point where I decided to look for something real to do, for a real deal.

This is when I started applying for jobs, and my master thing came into mind, then decided to go for both despite how challenging it seemed.

And here I am now, an employee at day, and a student at night and weekends too. And to be accustomed to this routine means that I have a complete faith on what I am doing, but unfortunately I don’t. The worries I used to have regarding doing the right things are back, and I have to overcome them again, even though that deep down I know this feeling is completely natural.

Moreover, this blog is one of my ways of overcoming my worries, to share my thoughts and concerns with you.

Certainty is related to facts, and life isn’t all about facts. Hence, I’ll try to drive away my doubts and concerns to ease myself in a life where certainty is a myth.

Have a great life everyone!


  1. Keep sharing your worries in life and your thoughts.. We’re here to listen and share with you.. Keep it up love ❤

    Have a wonderfull life 😉


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