It was once my dream..

Life doesn’t work the way we want it to, no matter how hard you’ve tried to get something that wasn’t meant to be yours, it just won’t work.

Not from a pessimistic point of view, nor a hateful one I’m writing you those words, but this realization came somehow late to me.

I used to think that everything is doable, achievable, and within our hands if we just did whats right and what needs to be done to fulfill it. Unfortunately, this is not how it works. We surely have to do our best when working to achieve a goal, but must not be its slave at any point! Being a slave means that it occupies your thoughts more than it should, it depresses you when you fail to reach it, and puts your self-trust far away just when you need it the most.

I used to be a perfectionist when it comes to my dreams and short term goals (i.e. didn’t have that much of long term ones), where everything I want has to be reached according to my own plans, and whenever things went out of control I would get into a complete mood of depression for a while, wondering what have I done wrong, and I was always certain it was my fault.  Gladly I grew out of this way of thinking not a while ago, but still learning to let go.

When I was in high school, the only option I thought I had was to get into medical school to follow the dream, and god only knew who’s dream was it. Information technology wasn’t on my list at all! I loathed it to be honest, and had the worst background about it, and yet I majored in it. Unexpected transitions in your plans might be for your own good, just like what happened in my case, I never thought I’ll enjoy my major as much as I do now.

Whilst everyone is believing that you must lead your life, your life actually leads you too. They are two parallel lines  that’ll never be crossed, and all your life’s events are dotted in parallel on both lines, and you will be the one in the middle. You are the train between the rails, one that’s under your control and the other controlling you, and you are the one responsible to follow them both.

Work for your dream and do your best, but beware to surrender to it, for it’ll destroy you if it wasn’t meant for you.

Architectural Engineering was never meant for me, yet it was once my dream..


  1. First, I love the way you put your thoughts into words!

    Second, yes I totally agree with you.. and I believe that when things change or when something unexpectedly happens it is always “5eerah”
    no matter what were once your dreams or goals, I think it is most important that you enjoy your present, enjoy what you achieved so far, be proud of it and keep aiming for better things

    Finally Ghada, I wish you happiness and I really wish all your dreams come true!

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  2. Hi 😉
    Very nice article
    I agree with you specially when you said “beware to surrender to it” it is like if our goals and dreams could have power on us if we let them go deeper.
    We as “ourselves” should be our main destination and any other goal or dream should lead us to us.
    Did I say us to much ‘.’
    Ok i’m just gonna post this as it is I hope you will get me :p

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  3. Surprisingly, majoring into medicine has been my dream for 12 years. And I have been its slave for so long!
    I’ve been always called “Our Future Doctor”. I loved the idea of being a doctor without really thinking what it really takes. I’ve never been a fan of biology or chemistry! They were always the courses I hated the most yet I wanted to major in medicine that totally relies on them!

    I couldn’t get into medicine 7 years earlier. And the only choice I had was PSU. I chose computer science because it was the only major that has 7 courses of math and 3 courses of physics in it.
    Looking back to my life, I am grateful I didn’t study medicine and did my bachelor in computer science and now pursuing my masters in software engineering. This is where I see myself now. I just wished I could have a better vision when I was younger!

    I love the way you articulate your thoughts into well written words 🙂


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